Software Updates

Your digital software purchase is for the product and any updates

For a given product title (ie: an Android application [Product] titled Aunt Lou's Cockatoo [Title]) your purchase entitles you any future updates on the same Product & Title.

If you have installed a Windows Air application on your PC/Laptop computer, you will not need to reinstall Adobe air to update a Windows based Story Book application. Simply download and run the install file (example: HogFrog.air). For Android applications simply download the updated file (example: HogFrog.apk). For Mac OS download the updates install file (example: HogFrog.dmg) and run the file. Un update will overwrite the previously installed application.

Installation Instructions here.

Device Interchange

We are unable to support exchanging applications to different device categories such as your purchasing an Android Application and then wishing to use it on an Apple iOS (eg: iPad) operating system (different Operating System).

An Android Application will not run on an iOS device. A Windows PC Application will not run on a Mac OS device.