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A quirky, fun story with great illustrations and easy language for kids to be able to read!

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Hog is determined to be a terrific, tiny tree frog. Frog is determined to show Hog why this is impossible.

Each time Frog points out a problem, Hog finds a humorous solution until he encounters the biggest problem of all! Find out what the BIG problem is.

Preview of Hog and Frog

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside the book Hog and Frog ...

Hog and Frog Preview CoverHog and Frog Preview Pages 2 & 3Hog and Frog Preview Pages 4 & 5Hog and Frog Preview Pages 6 & 7Hog and Frog Preview Pages 8 & 9Hog and Frog Preview Pages 10 & 11Hog and Frog Preview Page 17

Note: Pages 18 through to 24 are not included in this preview.

Guide Notes are included at the end of the book ...

Hog and Frog Preview Guide NotesHog and Frog Preview Back Cover

What Are People Saying About Hog and Frog?

"Top notch in beautiful illustrations, storyline and rhyming text. As a parent, I especially love the "Guide Notes". They are so helpful and insightful."
- Kate Stinnet, parent of two boys.

"They are fantastic stories. The illustrations make the stories come to life. Thank you so much! The children in my Year 2 class will love these stories!
- Michelle ... Year 2 class teacher

"This is a great rhyming book. We love the fact that the hog is trying so hard to be a frog. All the quirky little things he does throughout to try and prove to frog that he really is a frog. It is well written and we love the twist at the end."
- Sharon Turriff, parent.

"I had my 5 and 7 y.o. reading Hog And Frog while we were waiting for their swimming lesson and they were in stitches. Love everything about these books! I really do love your work and it is so exciting to see great Australian content!"
- Sarah DeBellis ... parent and app reviewer.

"It's a quirky, fun book with great illustrations and easy language for kids to be able to read. Well done, Susan!"
- Katrina Davy, Speech Pathologist and Author.


There are a whole range of free printables available which are based on Hog and Frog. Please feel free to download these and use them with your children as an extension to the story.

FREE Guide Notes
Sort out the Differences
Picture Puzzles (3 sets)
Hidden Word Puzzles (3 sets)
Scrambled Sentence Puzzles (3 sets)
Hog and Frog Board Game
Hog and Frog: Memory Game
Hog and Frog: Crazy Sentences
Hog and Frog: What Came First?
Hog and Frog: Matching Game
Hog and Frog: Word Shapes


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